Tromsø’s companies should seize this opportunity with both hands and go wholeheartedly into the offerings of the DT Lab! For us this has been instructive, useful and extremely fun!
— Monica Mathisen, Project Manager, Drytech AS

DT Lab for companies

A key focus of the DT Lab is to work with the private industry. We believe that there is a tremendous potential for Universities and the private sector to collaborate to a much larger extent. These are some examples of the companies we have worked with since our launch in 2013: 


  • Kvalvik Bait AS
  • Marealis AS
  • Kongsberg Satellite Services AS
  • North Energy ASA
  • Norinnova Technology Transfer AS
  • Jupiter System Partner AS
  • Breivoll Inspection Technologies AS
  • Drytech AS
  • Remiks AS
  • Kraemer Maritime AS
  • OliVita AS

Read more about our collaboration with Jupiter AS and Drytech AS here.